Screen Recorder - Features Page

Easy to use - Record anything you see on your screen

Smart Screen Recorder works with a couple of mouse clicks. Simply launch the program, select the area of the capture session and click Record.


Select what part of the screen to record.

Smart Screen Recorder offers three capture modes. In 'Full screen' mode the entire screen area is selected for capture. In 'Custom area' mode, you drag the edges of the area selector and adjust the capturing area by hand. In 'Select window' mode, you can select a certain window by moving the mouse over it and clicking on it.


Outputs multiple video formats

Smart Screen Recorder can save capture sessions in numerous video formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, MOV, MP4 for iPod and iPhone, Zune video, PSP video, FLV, SWF and 3GP.


Advanced video options

You will be able to select what video and audio codecs the program uses. For example, you can increase or decrease the audio and video quality, and control the aspect ratio.


Advanced capture session options

These options allow you to tweak the capture process. You can activate or deactivate features such as:

  • Include the mouse pointer or not
  • Deactive the screensaver during capture
  • Minimize the program to the tray during recording
  • Highlight the capture area during recording
  • Select which audio device to use
  • Enter author and copyright information about a movie before recording it
  • Preserve the aspect ratio:
    • Letterboxing - for displaying widescreen movies on a narrow screen. The movie will be scaled in order to fit screen, and black bars will be added at the top and bottom.
    • Pillarboxing - for movies with a small aspect ratio on a wide screen. To preserve the aspect ratio, black bars will be added on the left and right sides.
  • Time-lapse - The produced video will play at a faster or slower rate than what it was captured at.
  • Restore the mouse pointer location after pausing - this results in a much smoother experience for viewers.
  • Display a countdown before capture - this way, you can easily start recording at a certain time



    With Smart Screen Recorder, you can take screenshots with a single mouse click. Just click the Screenshot button and the program will do the rest.


    Record Sound

    • Record sound you hear from your speakers
    • Record your own narration using a microphone
    • Record the sound from the LineIn of your computer
    • Set the quality of the recorded audio
    • Automatically adjust the volume level
    • Set the volume level for each sound source independently


    Unconditional support

    Any time you need help with Smart Screen Recorder, just read the instructions in the online Help or contact us directly with your questions at our Support Center.


    Full money-back guarantee

    We provide a 100% money back guarantee for the first 60 days of your purchase.

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